To be continued...

  • Play:
  • Song Name: To Be Continued....
  • Artist: Rev Tim Pickard
  • Album: Book of Acts 2021
  • Year: 2021

Our last sermon from the book of Acts. This sermon comes in three parts....
1) Jesus’ Power to the Ends of the Earth- in Malta we see Jesus work through Paul in miraculous ways showing there are no boundaries to his reign and power. He is King everywhere and his kingdom is spreading everywhere.
2) Jesus’ Family to the Ends of the Earth- Paul meets believers along the way to Rome showing again that Jesus’ family is not limited by geography or culture. Everywhere we go we have family. Everywhere we go the church is advancing.
3) Jesus’ Gospel to the Ends of the Earth- Paul arrives in Rome and starts preaching the gospel. The Jews again reject and so he again turns the Gentiles and preaches the gospel unhindered. We continue this mission, spreading the message of the gospel.