A Final Attempt

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  • Song Name: A Final Attempt
  • Artist: Rev Tim Pickard
  • Album: Book of Acts 2021
  • Year: 2021

This is Paul's final attempt to share the good news of Jesus Christ to his fellow Jews. Again they reject his message. Paul carefully shares his message by:
1) Tearing Down Objections: as Paul speaks to the Jewish people he seeks to tear down their objection that the gospel is anti-Jewish or somehow goes against the OT. Instead, he honors Jewish tradition and points to the gospel as the fulfillment/completion of all the OT spoke of. The way the Paul is sensitive to where they are at and works at tearing down assumptions is an example to us as we interact with non-Christians.
2) Explaining Transformation: here Paul describes why he made an about face and started preaching Christ- it was because he met him- he saw him in his glory- risen and exalted. He wants this for his Jewish brethren. Instead though they harden their hearts in unbelief. This is sobering and tells us that we will face this at times. In addition, it calls us to guard against unbelief and to keep our eyes on Christ.