Following Jesus

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  • Song Name: Following Jesus
  • Artist: Rev Tim Pickard
  • Album: Book of Acts 2021
  • Year: 2021

In this passage we see three ways we are called to follow Jesus:

1. On Mission Like Jesus: Paul’s experience echoes Jesus’. He is headed towards Jerusalem, there are predictions of danger awaiting there, and he’s determined to go anyways. He is committed to his mission. His mission is not to die for/save people but to spread the good news of Jesus. And he is willing to pay any cost to see that happen. Are we following Jesus on mission?
2. Uniting People Like Jesus: Paul works hard here to unite God’s people- both Jew and Gentile. He pursues this in two ways. First, he and his companions bring a financial gift for the church at Jerusalem. Second, he bends over backwards to affirm Jewish culture and value of his Jewish heritage. In this he is uniting the Jew and Gentile church. Are we ready to do this- to bend over backwards and sacrifice our rights for unity?
3. Rejected Like Jesus: Paul is wrongfully accused, attacked and nearly killed for the sake of Jesus here. Like Jesus he is given over to the Romans and then the Jews demand his death “away with him”. The point is that Jesus’ followers should expect the same treatment he got and we should endure with joy like he did.