Truth-Filled Symbols

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  • Song Name: Truth-Filled Symbols
  • Artist: Rev Tim Pickard
  • Album: Miscellanious
  • Year: 2021

Baptism and Communion. We need to understand the truth of these symbols. Here are two points:
1) Saved Through the Waters: highlighting the theme of waters being judgment through Scripture and how we are saved through these waters of judgment- with Jesus receiving the judgment and us coming through the other side to new life. That’s what’s being symbolized in baptism.
2) Remembering Through Memorials: noting how important it was throughout Scripture to remember God’s saving acts- and he set up memorials for this. In the NT the one memorial we are given is the Lord’s Supper. He really wants us to remember this. When we truly- deeply- remember- it forms us, shapes our identity, directs our lives, etc.