• Play:
  • Song Name: Help
  • Artist: Rev Tim Pickard
  • Album: Book of Acts 2021
  • Year: 2021

God provides for us as we minister for Him. Here is how God provided help for Paul:
1) Help in the Form of Friends: God gives Paul friends- first Priscilla and Aquila who give both companionship and financial help and then Silas and Timothy who bring encouraging words, financial help and companionship. There’s a lesson here for us to step out on mission and serve with others- not alone.
2) Help in the Form of a Vision: it seems that Paul was weak- fearful and Jesus appears to him and gives him promises- he is with Paul, Paul will not be harmed, and Jesus has people he is going to save.
3) Help in the Form of a Pagan Ruler: unexpected help comes at just the right time through the proconsul, Gallio. In his actions Gallio both protects Paul and keeps the door open for the spread of the gospel.