Some Things Are Worth Fighting For

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  • Song Name: Some Things Are Worth Fighting For
  • Artist: Rev Tim Pickard
  • Album: Book of Acts 2021
  • Year: 2021

There was a disagreement about an issue in the church at Antioch. This sermon from Acts 15:1-35 looks into how this disagreement was settled.
1) Debate: men say the Gentiles need to become Jews and keep the law to be saved. This brings about a large amount of debate and they end up in Jerusalem.
2) Discussion: in Jerusalem they have a bunch of back and forth discussion- three parties stand up, all agreeing- Peter, Paul and Barnabas and James- its clear to all and from every angle that God does not require following the law to be saved.
3) Decision: James articulates the decision that is then delivered to the churches- there is no requirement to keep the law- Gentiles are welcomed fully in. The only requirements given are given to help the Gentiles avoid offending Jews whom they’re trying to share the gospel with or fellowship with.

In this there are three lessons for us:
Hold Fiercely to the Gospel
Pursue Radical Gospel Fellowship
Remove Unnecessary barriers to the gospel